Sinking My Teeth Into Publishing: Intro

Professor Plum, in the copy room, with a ballpoint pen

I have a short story called “Teeth” . This blog series is about my meanderings through the publishing world as I try to get it published. In the next few months I’ll give my step-by-step process to how I submit this story to editors. “Teeth” is available in the Writing section.

I am aiming for an online magazine. Right away I see some issues, like the fact that it is already published. (Being available on my website counts) Few magazines even consider reprints. The length is not ideal for most markets, and it doesn’t fit neatly into any genre. All of these factors make it harder and harder to find a willing publisher.

Even so, I like the transparency of talking about a story that is available to readers. My first couple blogs will be about assessing the story itself. That will make more sense if readers can view the story.

Whether or not “Teeth” ever sees the light of market publication, it will be interesting to navigate the world of short story publication. I plan to discuss:

  • how to assess a story for publication
  • how to assess the publication market of a genre
  • what to research for online magazines
  • editors’ objective/subjective preferences
  • tools for researching online magazines
  • how to prioritize which magazines to submit to
  • how to format a submission
  • how to tailor a submission for an individual magazine
  • how to write a cover letter

Hopefully, by the end of this journey, I will have learned about how publishing works, and have an idea of DOs and DON’Ts for next time.

Let’s start the show!

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