Sinking My Teeth Into Publishing, Part 1: Knowing What I Have

Dissecting a creative product

I have a short story called “Teeth” . This blog series is about my meanderings through the publishing world as I try to get it published. In the next few months I’ll give my step-by-step process to how I submit this story to editors. “Teeth” is available in the Writing section.

The next step is to put my creative side on “hibernate”. The creative thinking part is done. Now begins the critical thinking process. It requires a touch of detachment.

Right. Time to be clinical. Let’s look at the bare stats of my story, “Teeth”.

The list below are the first things an editor will want to know. Different markets want different things, so a quick glance should be able to tell someone if the story is even suitable for their magazine.

  • Title: Teeth
  • Genre: Horror (guessing)
  • Word count: 2600 words –rounded to the nearest hundred, but be careful – editors can have strict cut-offs for length
  • Reprint? yes
  • Gore: mild (guessing)

I’m trying to think of my story as a product. This is the information that will appear on the packaging.

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